Realm of Perpetual Guilds ( Steam Key / Region Free )
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Дата публикации: 12.12.2022

Realm of Perpetual Guilds ( Steam Key / Region Free )

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The journey begins with four silent protagonists. They go into dungeons, fight
enemies, defeat bosses, and level up. But, is that all there is to their lives
Meanwhile, in the real world, a group of bored game designers are looking
to bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds. Will your protagonists
simply fight respawning enemies for all of eternity or will they achieve
greater things (Intended to be part 1 of a trilogy).

This is a game for those that like snes-era rpgs and dungeon crawlers.

Free-turn Stamina Battle System (Mixture of SMT Nocturne and Chrono Cross).
Full recovery after every battle.
Save from menu at any time.
10 Classes to choose from at start of game. You pick a class for all 4 of your starting characters at the beginning of the game (Like in FF1). High replayability value.
12+ hour game
7 Challenging dungeons (game is intended for those who like battles)

Available Classes:
★ Warrior/Berserker: Physically strong. Useful for ending battles quickly
★ Defender/Sentinel: High HP and defense. Can Support party
★ Rogue/Hunter: Balanced stats and varied abilities,
★ Earth Mage/Ice Mage: Healing and magic spells.
★ Thunder/Flame Mage: Strong attack magic.

In the Free-turn Stamina Battle System, you get 4 actions per turn that can be distributed between your 4 characters as you wish. Characters can even act 2-4 times as long as they have the required stamina.

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Цена: 30 руб.

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