Search & Kill ( Steam Key / Region Free ) GLOBAL ROW
Search & Kill ☠ is a video game for all fans of the Multiplayer FPS.
It´s a First Person Shooter which introduces some new game mechanics, there are already 13 playable maps even though the game is in early access.

It´s a quite frenetic game where you can climb stairs, do very high jumps, move in different scenarios (from the Middle Ages to the savannah, etc...), use different classes in the game and various weapons but of course your main goal will always be only one... search for enemies and kill them!
So, prove you have the balls to face such a challenge and try to move up in the ranking of the best players!

The game was developed by a team of only two people.
A 16 year old programmer and a graphic designer.
So I hope that you will appreciate our efforts and our hard work in carrying out this project!

Above you will also find what we´ll add during this period of early access.

If someone is able to provide a trailer for the game better than that above, do it and send it to the following e-mail:
After, the winner of the contest will be paid $ 30 and will receive 10 free copies of Search & Kill
Good Luck!

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Цена: 40 руб.

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