TS Marketplace: Town Scenery Pack STEAM KEY ЛИЦЕНЗИЯ
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TS Marketplace: Town Scenery Pack STEAM KEY ЛИЦЕНЗИЯ

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*NOTE* This pack is available in the in-game store under the Marketplace tab. You are strongly recommended to find the product there and make your purchase from within the game.

This pack contains a number of scenic assets that you can add to your own route creations in order to add more detail and variety.

List of items included:

MP02 Bench01
MP02 Bench02
MP02 Bin01
MP02 Bin02
MP02 Bollard01
MP02 Bollard02
MP02 BrickPlanter
MP02 TownSet01
MP02 TownSet02
MP02 TownSet03
MP02 TownSet04
MP02 TownSet05
MP02 TownSet06
MP02 TownSet07
MP02 TownSet08
MP02 TownSet09
MP02 TownSet10
MP02 TownSet11
MP02 TownSetBingo
MP02 TownSetPub
MP02 BusShelter01
MP02 BusShelter02
MP02 BusTimeTable
MP02 Concrete Tile
MP02 Fence
MP02 FishandChipsSign
MP02 ForSaleSign
MP02 PostBox01
MP02 StreetLight01
MP02 StreetLight02
MP02 Town Path
MP02 TrafficLight01
MP02 Trolley
MP02 TrolleyPark
MP02 Wall Brick
MP02 Wall Concrete

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Цена: 73.8 руб.

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