Classic arcade space shoot´em up meets color match puzzle! Hop into your awesome spaceship, open a path through huge waves of aliens and other hazards, and face intense boss battles! To put it simply, this is classic arcade gaming! Easy to pick up, fast-paced boss fights, polished pixel art visuals and a catching FM synth soundtrack!

* Controls an other options can be changed within the game.

★ Randomized puzzle levels.
★ Fast paced shoot´em up boss battles.
★ Collect gems and buy unique spaceships.
★ Collect upgrade points to boost your ships´ stats.
★ Replayability: can you get all Green Emeralds
★ Boss Rush mode.
★ 16-bit style pixel art graphics.
★ Arcade-like FM synth soundtrack.
★ English voice acting.
★ Gamepad support (Xbox 360, PS3 and compatibles).

It is the year 2985, ages after the space revolution. Human colonies have reached the most remote places and discovered the enormous power of Green Emeralds as an energy source. But just today, aliens have decided to take back what was stolen from them by those greedy humans. Now, the future of the colony is in the depths of steep ravines, the haunt of dangerous creatures, and its only hope lies in the hands of the Earth´s most experienced fighter pilot.

Get ready for the mission, because YOU are our future!
Shoot colored aliens to open a path, but choose your next target carefully or you´ll be stuck! You´ll have to understand the crystallization system in order to beat this game. If you reach the end of a stage, you will fight dangerous final bosses. Learn their attack patterns and dodge lots of bullets! It´s all or nothing, can you handle the stress

Collect gems in order to purchase new spaceships. Each spaceship offers different stats and unique special features. Also, collect upgrade points to boost your ships´ stats. Of course, randomized levels create a new experience each time you play! And hey, could you collect all of the Green Emeralds Could you beat the Boss Rush survival mode
There are "Best Time" leaderboards for all boss fights and the Boss Rush Mode. Now you can show the Steam community who is the best pilot.

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